When it comes to making people dance Deejay Centipede is a major force on the turntables. You can always depend on Deejay Centipede to keep the crowd on their feet with his unique blend of mixes of old & new school, Hip Hop and House music. He has been rockin parties since the 1980's where suede Puma, Kangol caps, shell toe Adidas and break dancing was at its prime, so he knows how to keep you on the dance floor all night.


A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Deejay Centipede has a unique style that is unmatched and commands attention. His unprecedented mixing techniques lay down nothing but pure energy and creativity. With a full arsenal of abilities and creativity as a DJ & remix artist, Centipede has been the winner of the King of DJ's and DJ Royal Battles.


Currently, residing in Charlotte, NC, Deejay Centipede is the CEO of Regime Squad DJS, an entertainment group made of mixtape masterminds. You can contact DeeJay Centipede by visiting the CONTACT US page.